Hedgefinity is an US based company is a social enterprise business funding platform created to help raise no-cost capital and grants to aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, using a simple yet sophisticated well-thought-out crowdfunding technique to raise funds for business and personal uses..

Currently Bitcoin, PAYEER, Advcash and Qiwi Wallet is the only payment method you can use.

In order to keep our website free from spamming we allow only one account with one email id.

The minimum age requirement is 13 years to participate into the program.

In order to join the program it cost only $11.

Your earning potential is unlimited and is influenced by the effort you put into building your wealth, together with the efforts of those above and below you building their wealth.

Hedgefinity gives there user’s 2 types of income or income opportunity
1. Affiliate income
2. Crowdfunding

The affiliate income is a type of income in which user get $5 as a referral bonus which joins the program by given sponsor Id.

The update income is a type of income in which user get bonus from their downline rank upgrade (for more info visit How It Works page.).

The minimum withdrawal amount is 10$.

Hedgefinity is currently paying incomes in the mode of Bitcoin only where user have to provide their Bitcoin payment receiving address (Hedgefinity advice there user to use or any genuine Bitcoin wallet for receiving funds.
Hedgefinity will be soon paying incomes in USD, EUR, SGD, GBP, JPY and other cryptocurrencies.

User can withdraw their income 24/7 user’s will receive their withdrawal fund within 72 Hrs of request.

Hedgefinity provides 5 different types of support solutions for the members
1. Website message gateway
2. Whatsapp chat                         
3. Telegram chat
4. Email support
5. Telephonic support (International charges may apply)